Dynamic Circle - Long Island

Sell online, eCommerce Integration, Data Parsing/Data Mining, Custom Database Design, Selling on Amazon.com

Centerport, Long Island, NY
Dynamic Circle Inc. is a Long, Island, NY based company that provides custom internet application programming, database design and setup and data integration for common eCommerce platforms including Shopify.

We also can help customers wishing to begin selling on the Amazon Platform, including both as Amazon Sellers or Amazon Vendors. We are proficient in Amazon's Vendor Central Platform and Amazon Marketing Services.

E-commerce Websites

We can help you get your existing products into a database, for use in common eCommerce platforms, including Shopify. We can also help create tools to quickly format and export your data from an existing database, for importing into an eCommerce platform (i.e. csv or excel files). This can save innumerable hours of data entry and reduce human error and get you selling online quicker.

Product / Data Management & Selling on Amazon.com

Do you sell on Yahoo! StoresTM, Amazon.com, or another major online shopping mall? We can develop a centralized, web-based application to handle your products. Store, edit your items, including images, in one place, We can create custom modules to export the product data in many formats, and create data feeds for use in many external websites, shopping malls, and applications. We can also parse data from a data feed or existing database and import this into your own, web-accessible database.

Data Mining & Parsing

We can create custom tools to parse and extract specific, web-formatted data from almost any website. We can then store and export this data, and even have it emailed on a specific schedule. Great for monitoring competitors' pricing or tracking your own pricing on major online retailers over time.

Win the Amazon.Com Buy Box

Determine if you have the Amazon "Buy Box", and if not, who is winning and at what price. If you're losing the buy box, you are losing sales to a third party. Monitoring third party offers can help you adjust your pricing, run promotions and boost your sales on Amazon.com.

Data Cleanup

Have a database that is "messy" or missing data? Our expertise can help clean up and organize your data in bulk.

Pre-Existing Sites

Does your web site need an update? If you already have a web presence that you wish to improve, add to, or change, we can assist in editing your content (access by your host provider is required).

Product Content

We can offer content and technical writing (tech writing) services, including product descriptions including useful, specific keywords and phrases to help your products get discovered online.